Water Damaged Mobile Phones

A lot of mobile phones suffer from water damage and it can be caused by many reasons. The most common are:
  • being dropped into a pool
  • being dropped into a toilet
  • staying under the rain
However sweat is another common reason because if you hold your mobile phone on your pocket or harm clamp while jogging it can be enough to allow some moisture to infiltrate.

Some people run home and put the phone into a bag of rice to dry it out but it doesn't work like that because the moisture contains minerals and even after the water evaporates those minerals stay inside the electronics and that is what causes rust and then damaged the device in long term.

In short term the water can cause short circuits and burn the mainboard or explode the battery which is very dangerous. If you have a water damaged device the first thing you must do is to turn it off and then bring it to our shop. We will completely disassemble it and clean the parts with proper tools and chemicals. Then we put all back together and test all the functionalities of the device. If some peripheral like a camera is irreversibly damaged it must be replaced but first of all we have to clean everything with ultrasonic technology.

We have a fixed service price for repairing water damaged devices and do it in record time. Within the same day or two you will have your phone back to normal unless it was under electrical short circuit for a long period of time but even so we might be able to repair it!

Contact us now is you have any enquire regarding this matter and don't let it stay more time without being properly cleaned inside or it will stop working at any time!!