Computer Hard Disk Drive Common Issues

A computer is made of some different types of memory storage but the Hard Disk Drive is where the personal files, photos, operating system and much more are stored so it is the storage and if it fails some data can be lost.

We always recommend our customers to have backups of their important files because all the equipment is subject to faults even if is brand new and if you lose your family photos for ever you will regret that. It might sound strange but a brand new hardware part can fail for a bunch of reasons like a manufacture malfunction or not being care the right way causing a need for a Hard Drive replacement.

The two sorts of Hard Disk Drives in the market are the mechanical and the electronic. The one on the picture is mechanic, invented  long time ago is very well established on the market, is cheap and can store a lot of things for the price however it has a weak point that is the mechanical part. Because is is made of a spinning disk if it suffers an impact it might corrupt the data and cause lost files.

The newest technology in Hard Disk Drives is the SSD (Solid State Disk) that is made of just electronic components without any king of mechanical parts. This way it is more resistant to impact but is not as cheap as the traditional Hard Disk Drives. It is also faster, in comparison it might do the same job 10 times faster than a mechanical one. The weak point is the price versus the storage capacity, because is a newest technology it takes time to drop the price.

When it came to public it was almost impossible to buy a decent SSD by a decent price but nowadays it is fairly priced and a lot of people is upgrading the old Hard Disk Drives to SSD because the computer starts sunning faster. The process os upgrade a computer Hard Drive is a little complex because the operating system is installed in it so it have to be transferred or reinstalled.

One common issue with this Hardware part is the bad sectors that can also cause data loss. The drive is virtually desiccated into thousands os small blocks and sectors which might degrade during time. On traditional Hard Disk Drives the bad sectors need to be detected and marked manually to do not be used again in the future preventing data loss but the SSD technology does it by it self. At our shop we have the right tools to repair bad sectors too so if you are experiencing a very slow computer or losing files please contact us for more details.