Types of Mobile Phone Broken Screen

Usually a broken screen is a broken screen but in terms of usability it is not like that because it can still work after being broken, can work intermittently or even not work at all. It can also work but the image not be clear enough or have black spots or blue spots. Well there are a couple of dozens of things possible when dropping a mobile phone into the ground and get a broken screen.

The first thing comes to your mind after such episode is where to repair mobile phone screen and here we are to help you but you must keep in mind that we have to analyse the mobile phone before proceeding to quote because different types of shattered glass mean different prices. There are not much possibilities when comes to get the right price for the repair but some that you have to keep in mind.

If the phone broken screen looks like having:
  • Just the outer glass cracked
  • The internal LCD working properly
  • No discolouration on the image
  • No black, blue or white spots
Then you have a simple broken glass mobile phone to repair and it is cheap depending on the brand and model but in most cases is not a big deal so you can feel comfortable to come to us and have it repaired within 15 minutes in most of the cases. Because we stock the screen for most of the mobile phones it will not be a problem to fix it on the spot.

As an iPhone Screen Replacement experts in Melbourne we have the best quality screen in the market to replace the latest OLED screens that are very high resolution. Even for other brands like Samsung Galaxy, One Plus One, Pixel, Huawei, Xperia or even the Apple iPad it can all be repaired by our technicians.

In case you have a damaged internal LCD which is part of the screen the cost might be a little higher but nothing monstrous comparing to the device price value. This way is always worth to repair the broken screen. If you have any doubt about the condition of your shattered screen just contact us for more information.